Inspiration for Designing a Home You Love

The inspiration for decorating a home can come from any number of sources: Perhaps a hotel you stayed in — a home you visited — a photograph that caught your eye in a book or magazine — a color combination that appealed to your senses. I begin every project with a focal point such asRead More

How To Organize Your Home

A common complaint amongst my clients is too much clutter. So what’s causing this problem that seems to plague so many people and, more importantly, what’s the solution? Here’s my take on organization: People often just toss things in their closets and garages without any sense of order or design. Before long, it all piles up,Read More

Hello World!

Greetings, from our new website! This is the new site of Linda Rosen Interiors, designed to be easier to use and updated with new portfolio pictures. I’ll be updating the site’s content frequently, including images and my new blog, so keep checking in for the latest in my interior design projects!