Furniture Layout Plan

Well-designed floor plans are critical to the success of a room. Furniture that’s arranged properly can maximize square footage, downplay architectural drawbacks, and function for a variety of activities. A small space can look cozy; a large space can feel more intimate. Traffic will flow easily, and the room will be functional and inviting.

Look carefully at your room. Does it have a view? Is there a fireplace? Begin with your largest pieces of furniture. Work them around the room’s best focal features. If one arrangement doesn’t work, try another. Try floating the sofa and chairs. If the fireplace is angled in a corner, place the sofa at the same angle as the fireplace with two chairs flanking it. How about an over-sized ottoman in front of the sofa instead of a coffee table? This is especially comfortable in a family room. Then fill in with smaller pieces. If there’s a blank wall with enough space, try placing a bookcase there, or perhaps a console table with a beautiful mirror or artwork above it. If there’s room in a corner for a game table and four chairs, it can do double duty as a secondary dining table. 

If you’re purchasing new furniture, a floor plan can prevent you from making some costly mistakes. If, however, you already own most of your furniture and you just want to give the room a facelift, have fun experimenting with new arrangements. You might want to add a few pieces to some of your existing ones. Deviate from the expected and your room will become chic, comfy, and fabulous!


Living Room Furnituture

Living room furniture arranged around fireplace

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