Quick Updates For Your Post-Pandemic Home

As we come out of one of the darkest periods in human history, we’re all ready for some positive changes. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait — you can make a few quick tweaks to your home now that will have a big impact on your overall outlook. From changing out the fixtures and revitalizing pieces you already have to revamping your outdoor space, Linda Rosen Interiors has ideas for every budget.

Small Changes

Changes don’t have to be drastic to be profound. Even something as simple as swapping out the fixtures in your kitchen and bath will have a positive effect on the overall feel of these rooms. Linda Rosen Interiors’ gallery offers lots of inspiration for the kitchen and bath. Simpler ideas include adding a new rug to the living room, new bedding in each room, or changing out the curtains to a light, airy material to let in more light.
If you’re looking to update without a huge investment, try switching the furniture around, giving the house a deep clean, or organizing the garage. You never realize quite how much impact these small actions have until you’re looking at a clean and reorganized house.

Updating What You Own

If your budget is nearly bare, you can also re-envision your space with a few simple, inexpensive, and attractive updates. One idea: build a bookcase out of pallets. Jen Woodhouse explains that this is a relatively easy project that uses common wood pieces and recycled materials. You may even be able to find a pallet on the side of the road for free just by driving around before trash day.

Something else to consider is adding an accent wall. You can paint or use peel and stick wallpaper to add visual interest. This is also a simple DIY endeavor that requires very few tools but a little patience. You could also use stencils to create art anywhere that needs a quick pick me up.
Want to have an even bigger change? Reupholster your furniture. It’s never been easier to look up reviews and contact different companies for quotes before you spend the money. Costs of custom reupholstery vary greatly, but good workmanship is a worthwhile investment

An Amazing Outdoors

If the pandemic had no other positives, it’s that it made us spend lots of time outdoors. Being outside is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health, so don’t rush back inside to the mall or movie theater now just because you can. A few ways you can elevate your outdoor space include repainting an old umbrella or letting the kids stock the garage with backyard games that they make themselves.

Now is also a great time to plant your fall garden. If you don’t know much about plants, you can host a plant swap, which can turn into a community event with a little bit of effort. Gardening, whether for food or aesthetics, is a great family bonding activity that will keep everyone up and moving.
Making your home a healthier and happier environment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With a bit of creativity, you can turn your space from drab to fab in an afternoon. The above tips can get you started but don’t be afraid to try your own ideas. Remember, you can always change it back … though you probably won’t want to! 

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