Light Up Your Life

Choosing the appropriate lighting for a room involves striking a balance between function and design. There are three main types of lighting: general, task, and accent.

General Lighting

General is for everyday, overall use. With the use of dimmers, recessed ceiling lights can go from bright light to mood light.

Task Lighting

Task light illuminates areas for specific needs, such as under counter lights in the kitchen, desk lamps, and floor lamps used for reading. Lamps fitted with three way bulbs can instantly change the atmosphere of the room.

Accent Lighting

Accent light is mostly for mood, like an uplight on the floor behind an indoor tree, lights mounted over artwork, sconces in powder baths, hallways, or living rooms, or a small lamp in a powder bathroom or on an entrance hall table.

Try to get a layered mix of all three types of lighting. And call an electrician to add more outlets and switches in the walls to avoid having extension cords running all over the place.

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