West Los Angeles Colorful Home Remodel

Our home environment says a lot about our lives, and the character of a room depends on how its basic elements are shaped – walls, windows, architectural features, floors and ceilings.

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Whether the walls are quietly pristine or busy with pattern or color says a great deal about its occupants. A pristine color scheme implies a love of serenity and order, while colorful walls express exuberance. In other words, walls speak.

This contemporary home in West Los Angeles is home to two physicians and their two young children. The homeowners wanted a mid-century modern vibe with lots of color.

I needed a jumping-off point for choosing finishes, fabrics, and colors. I began by selecting a stunning upholstery fabric for the sectional sofa, latte with flecks of turquoise, green, and gold. Then I chose a rich chocolate brown chenille for two new chairs that flank the coffee table. For the wow factor, we settled on two burnt orange faux ostrich leather ottomans.  A muted gold shag rug anchors the seating arrangement.

I used Ralph Lauren’s Cork for the main walls. It’s a burnt umber, a saturated color that doesn’t read as flat. It has more reflectivity and depth than that. It changes throughout the day as the light changes. And it also changes from wall to wall, depending on how the light hits it. The walls go from pumpkin to terra cotta to brown. At night, it’s dark and dramatic. During the day, it becomes more rust. Accent walls are green and gold, incorporating the main seating area and the banquette with its cushions and pillows of golds, turquoise, and greens.

Accessories and art add the finishing touches to this room. Playful and colorful, they reflect the personalities of this fun-loving young family.


Paintbrush image at top of page by Csuka András

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