10 Household Tips – From Storage to Candle Care to Florals

1. Remove water rings on wood tables by mixing equal amounts of mayonnaise and ashes. Make a paste, then take a soft cloth and rub gently in the direction of the wood grain. NOTE: This may not work if the stain is very old.

2. Store electrical cords in empty toilet paper rolls.

3. Wash and dry good carving knives by hand. They will last longer than if washed in the dishwasher.

4. Store candles in empty paper towel rolls. First, wrap each candle individually in tissue paper.

5. Cut candle wicks down to ¼” before burning. This will prevent the wick from falling into the wax.

6. Never burn any candle all the way down (except tealights) to prevent damaging the surface underneath. Throw out tapers and pillars when they’re within two inches of the holder, and jar candles that are within a half inch of the bottom.

7. Place a battery-operated candle on an attractive dish in the powder room when entertaining.

8. Separate mixed grocery store floral arrangements. Place flowers in individual vases and containers by color and type (i.e. oranges and yellows together, pinks and purples together, all whites together etc.). Select appropriate vases and containers. For example, an antique silver pitcher for roses, an old clear glass milk container for daisies, a tall cylindrical glass vase for sunflowers.

9. Add a few drops of bleach to water when putting flowers in a vase. The water will stay clear for a longer period of time, and the flowers will stay fresh for a few more days. Change the water and bleach every two or three days.

10. Keep small spare buttons to turn into drink tags. Thread them onto inexpensive earring hoops (from crafts or discount stores) to create quick and festive DIY tags to keep guests’ wine glasses properly identified.

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