Spring Fling – Shake it Up!

Spring has arrived and change is in the air – it’s time for some cleaning, purging, and refreshing!

Here are a few ideas to perk up your home:

  • Call the window washer. There’s nothing better than clean screens and windows that sparkle.
    A friendly and professional a window washer soaps and cleans a w
  • Donate – clothing, kitchenware, and anything else you no longer use or need.
  • Call the handyman. Fix all those odds and ends that need repair.
    young plumber2
  • Cluster together several crystal candlesticks in different shapes and sizes on a coffee table.
  • Paint is an inexpensive and quick remedy to transform a room. Buy a quart of each color you like. Have someone at the paint store make sample boards and blue tape the boards to your walls. Be sure to look at the paint boards at different times, day and night
  • Fill your fireplace with lots of battery-operated candles in varying heights.
  • Lacquer the frame of an antique chair. Reupholster it in a contemporary print. How about a white lacquer frame with a gray and white zebra print? Or a raspberry frame with a floral print? Or a black frame covered with a black and white polka dot material?
  • Create a salon gallery. The “salon style” is the floor-to-ceiling  arrangement of artwork which was developed centuries ago by French art academies to show students’ work. Not everything has to match. Mix silver, gold, black, bamboo, and carved gilt frames with photographs,  portraits, landscapes, prints, and oils.
  • Sew together two fabrics to create your own pattern. It could be a solid and a stripe, or a small print with a large scale floral. Apply them to pillows, chairs, or window treatments.
  •  Pair a sea grass area rug with polished furniture.






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