Hiring An Interior Designer

With so many DIY websites and stores around these days, you might wonder why anyone would hire an interior designer. The fact is interior designers bring a lot of value to your home and office projects. Here’s some of the most important benefits of hiring an interior designer (this list is far from complete).

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  • A designer will prevent you from making costly mistakes.
  • A designer understands the importance of scale in a room.
  • A designer understands how a home should flow.
  • A designer has access to wholesale showrooms.
  • A designer has access to wholesale furniture factories.
  • A designer will create a beautiful color palette for your home.
  • A designer knows how to mix existing furniture with new.
  • A designer knows how to remodel a kitchen or bathroom.
  • A designer has a team of trustworthy contractors.
  • A designer understands where to splurge and where to save.



And here’s some tips for interviewing prospective designers.

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  • Check the designer’s references.
  • Look at the designer’s web site. Does his/her style complement yours?
  • Ask the designer about mark-ups and design fees.
  • Ask the designer about his or her availability.
  • Do you feel comfortable with the designer?


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