Sandra Kreger

Twenty years ago I hired Linda Rosen for her professional services when I needed help decorating my new condo in Brentwood. I had lots of Mexican, African, South American, and Northwest Indian works of art from my voyages around the world which dictated the design and color scheme of my home. Linda did an excellent job finding the appropriate fabrics and furniture, as well as creating beautiful art galleries.

This year I decided to renovate and update my condo. I called Linda to oversee the project. The kitchen and two bathrooms were gutted and remodeled. Carpet was replaced with bamboo hardwood floors. Linda designed custom cabinets for the living room, dressing room, and guest bathroom. She hired an excellent general contractor, and her tradespeople for the hardwood floors, carpet, cabinets, and painting were all to my liking. The crews were neat and clean, and they met their time schedule for completion. Linda was always conscious of my budget throughout this endeavor.

With this renovation, Linda had a much larger challenge because I have traveled to many more exotic countries over the past twenty years. I wanted to incorporate all of my art into this project because each piece brings back memories of wonderful experiences. Linda went to work and made my home look like an art museum. Her choices for fabrics, colors, and textures blend perfectly with existing pieces of furniture. The new lighting fixtures, area rugs, and accessories all add to the charm of my home.

I am happy to recommend Linda. She is delightful and perky and tends to every detail. I experienced no stress from this project, only feeling a little lost living in the home during the entire renovation! But the results are worth it all.

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