De-Clutter and Feng Shui Your Home For 2013

2013 has arrived and what a wonderful time to bring fresh energy into your home for the New Year! Good light, fresh scents, no clutter. Here are a few simple tips for making your house a happy and more functional home, beginning with your bedroom closets and your kitchen:


FENG SHUI: The general Feng Shui guideline to keeping a closet clutter-free is simple:
Clean it, keep it neat and orderly, and don’t stuff it to the gills. If your closets adhere to this guideline, they’re likely in order. But because closets are generally
repositories of unused, unneeded, and unwanted stuff, attack these places first when removing clutter. A stuffed closet can prevent energy from moving freely.

If your closet is already tidy or you want to make the energy stronger, install a bright light in the closet if it doesn’t already have one. Or, for even better energy, hang a faceted crystal sphere.

PURGE: Give away clothes that no longer fit your body or your life style!

COLOR COORDINATE your clothes, purses, and shoes. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to find what you’re looking for when you’re putting together an outfit.

CLEAN your closet regularly and keep it dust free.


FENG SHUI: The stove not only symbolizes a connection to your physical health, vitality, and stamina, but also represents many other areas of your life. Chief among them is money! That’s right, your stove affects your wealth situation. A family’s financial welfare depends more on the energetic status of the stove than on almost any other Feng Shui factor! The chi (energy) of the stove also correlates to the following areas: The quality of your marriage and the degree of family harmony versus upheaval and disagreement in the home.

Your freedom from or involvement in lawsuits, legal trouble, or other major life entanglements.

Your level of personal safety, security, and protection versus danger, accidents,
mishaps, surgeries, and other problems.


CLEAN the cook top after EACH use!

CLEAN inside the oven!

CLEAN the sink after EACH use!

CLEAN the floors!

ORGANIZE and group together your food pantry by food types:
Dry goods: flour, sugar, cereal, pastas and dry beans
Canned goods: tomato sauces, soups, fish, beans
Sauces: Catsup, mustards, relishes
Beverages: Teas, coffees, dry creamers
Spices: Alphabetize those bottles and you’ll have no trouble locating them
Bottles: Water bottles and anything heavy should be placed on the bottom shelf

PURGE! Check expiration dates. Anything old goes!


The same areas often get cluttered again after you clean. Follow these maintenance tips to help ensure this problem doesn’t happen in your house.


CLEAN the area thoroughly right after removing the clutter. Keep an eagle eye on the area for the next few weeks so it doesn’t return to its old habits.

SCENT: The proper scent can work wonders for the feelings of a space. Good essential oils during and after cleaning include pine, lemon grass, citronella, tea tree oil, and rosemary. Use an aromatherapy diffuser, a device that propagates the desired scent throughout the space. A high quality-quality always pays off when purchasing essential oils. Or you can use a good quality incense or place fresh flowers in the area.


PLANTS add color to your space and symbolize new life and growth. The best plants to use for cures are full, lush, and vibrant. Rounded leaves are generally better than long, pointed ones. Avoid dagger-like plants, such as cacti, which create symbolic spears in your environment. If you have plants that are sparse, weak, sickly, or dying, heal them or replace them as soon as possible with fresh, healthy plants. Also, plants with flowers and/or fruits create more effective cures than those without.

When utilizing a plant for a Feng Shui cure, you can get best results if you buy a new, fresh, vibrant plant specifically for the cure; buying a new plant provides more effective energy than using a plant you already own. For budget friendliness and environmental consciousness, the plants you already own work great too.


For more Feng Shui tips, “Feng Shui For Dummies” by David Daniel Kennedy is very informative and easy to follow.

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