Fast, Fun, and Affordable Room Make-Overs

Want a fresh new look in your family room? It can be done in a day with new decorative sofa pillows and a quick change in accessories! Often, we can swap out family treasures from one room to the next. Sometimes, by mixing a few new pieces with things we already own is all that it takes to create a new style.


[image_frame style=”shadow” align=”left” alt=”Living room design before make-over” title=”Room Make-Over” height=”350″ width=”280″][/image_frame]
Against a backdrop of camel walls and a camel sofa, new pillow covers in a traditional English print flank a tweed rectangular pillow. Beautiful hardcover books, a tarnished old silver pitcher filled with fresh sunflowers, and a sea shell are artfully displayed on the coffee table. A wood and cane end table is placed next to the sofa, topped with a plant and a silver picture frame to complete the transformation.








[image_frame style=”shadow” align=”right” alt=”Living room design after make-over” title=”Room Make-Over” height=”350″ width=”280″][/image_frame]In the same family room, a different scheme is created by covering the pillows in an ethnic print with a graphic velvet pillow in the center of the sofa. An orchid plant in a basket replaces the sunflowers, along with a coral candle and books. A basket ottoman/table is placed between the chair and sofa, replacing the wood and cane table. For a finishing touch, a paisley throw is draped over the back of the sofa, adding a warm touch of color.




Voila! Two new styles created in one day! And you can do it too!

Check out next month’s post when we go Moroccan.




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