11 Easy, Fast, High-Impact Decorating Ideas

1. Try placing some new decorative pillows on your sofa. Throw a lively shawl or throw over the back.

2. Add visual impact to shelves by placing some books upright, stacking others, and placing decorative objects on or in between.

3. Wallpaper or paint a fun color on the inside of a cabinet.

4. Move your art around. We stop noticing things that have been in the same place for a while.

5. Everyday items, like remotes and mail, look better and more organized contained in baskets or on trays.

6. Light kitchen countertops with a small decorative lamp. Treat it like an accessory. You’ll get extra illumination and a touch of character!

7. Fresh flowers are a terrific pick-me-up in any room. If you want a nice look without spending a lot of money, buy a bunch of grocery store flowers. Separate by color, cut according to the size of your vases, then remove any leaves that are in the water. Voila! You’ll have several arrangements to place around the house. A tip: add a few drops of bleach to the water. The water will stay clear longer and preserve the flowers for a few extra days.

8. A large mirror doubles your space and adds lots of natural light. If you don’t have an old mirror, find one at a thrift shop and paint it (lacquer is especially fun on an ornate frame).

9. Give a bathroom the spa treatment. Add lots of white – towels, shower curtain, soaps, and accessories. Contain the clutter on a bamboo tray. Paint the walls a soft blue-green.

10. During the off-seasons, place large white or ivory candles in the fireplace. Green plants are a good alternative.

11. Paint is a fast and inexpensive way to dramatically change the mood of any room in your house. Test the colors first. Most paint companies sell small samples cans that are very inexpensive.

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