Contemporary-Asian Bathroom Remodel

Before picture of Joy bathroom

Bathroom BEFORE the remodel

Mary had a small powder bath, made even tinier because of a wall dividing the vanity from the water closet and shower, as well as a soffit light box over the sink. The seven foot ceiling couldn’t be raised in this two story condo, so I had to come up with a viable solution to make this bathroom feel inviting and functional.  Out with the l970s and in with a beautiful re-do for  2013. Our work was laid out for us.

The bathroom was a complete gut. I began by removing the wall that served absolutely no purpose, as well as the soffit. Our little bathroom immediately felt twice as big as it did before. Out with the pre-fab shower enclosure and the dated vanity. Out with the cottage cheese ceiling. And out, too, with the old plumbing and electrical fixtures. While the contractor got to work in the condo, Mary and I set out on a ONE DAY shopping spree (I kid you not) and purchased everything for our remodel.

I knew that contemporary Asian would be the right look for this room as it comes off a traditional living room and dining room with warm earth tones, accented in shades of red and black. So we began at a local import store. The first thing that caught my eye was a stunning antique Chinese vanity. [image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”Vanity at import store” title=”Vanity-Import-Store” height=”216.8″ width=”320″][/image_frame]Tape measure in hand, I confirmed the dimensions and they were perfect for our space. The price was right, so that was our first purchase.

Forward and onward for plumbing fixtures. We went to Ferguson Enterprises in Santa Monica and found beautiful transitional fixtures in a warm, oil-rubbed bronze finish, as well as a toilet and sink in biscuit.  Another purchase completed.

Then off to Mission Tile where we selected a stunning woven glass pattern for the liner in the shower. It reminds me of root beer! The porcelain field tile resembles limestone, and is durable and easy to maintain. 2 x 2” limestone tiles were selected for the shower floor.

We found the perfect sconces at LampsPlus. Oil-rubbed bronze flanges with off-white rectangular shades. This seemed to be the perfect choice for our contemporary Asian scheme.

Our next stop was S&J Biren where we found a fabulous Kinecto floor. It looks like hardwood, but is vinyl. No one can believe it’s not the real deal! Easy to install, low maintenance, and oh, so good looking!

Once the bathroom was coming together and the sconces were installed, I measured the space for a custom mirror. A framing shop will have many styles to choose from, and they will make it to your specifications. In Mary’s bathroom, I needed one with a narrow width, but I also wanted it to be as tall as possible  because it would add some visual height to our very low ceiling. And, because of the narrow width of the mirror, I opted not to bevel the glass.

We also needed art for the walls. My husband and I had cancelled a trip to China a couple of years ago, but I had already purchased a lot of scrapbook paper for an album I was going to make after the trip. One of the papers seemed to be the ideal piece of “art.” Mary loved it, so I had it custom framed and it’s perfect over the toilet (With a little imagination, the sky’s the limit.)

I wanted the bathroom to glow because it’s dark and Mary doesn’t care for recessed lights. So I selected a Ralph Lauren metallic paint that is perfect, Regent Metallics Champagne Toast RM33 – a warm honey color that is ever so slightly reflective. I opted to paint the walls and ceilings the same color to add to the illusion of greater height.

Accessories are to a room what jewelry is to an outfit. They complete the look. A small,deep red Oriental rug went on the floor in front of the vanity, with towels in a matching hue. A glass votive candle holder, bamboo in a tall black vase, and a pretty Asian dish for soap are just perfect on our antique Chinese vanity. Placed on the floor between the toilet and vanity is a charming Asian basket that now serves as a trash basket. Voila!

We began planning our project in the fall of 2012. In two days the New Year will be upon us, and what a great powder bath Mary now has for her holiday parties and forever more!


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[image title=”Joy-Bathroom-After-Remodel-1″ alt=”Joy bathroom after remodel – image 1″ caption=”Joy Bathroom AFTER remodel”][/image]
[image title=”Joy-Bathroom-After-Remodel-2″ alt=”Joy bathroom after remodel – image 2″ caption=”Joy Bathroom AFTER remodel”][/image]

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