Vicki Silverman

“Never again,” I said years ago when my husband and I remodeled our kitchen without a designer. Though the outcome seemed fine at the time, the process was nerve-racking and upsetting. Now, eighteen years later and still in the same house, we realized that due to wear and tear and style changes, we needed to remodel again. This experience, though, was completely different. Having Linda’s guidance and creativity throughout the 3 l/2 months of work was so helpful; she had a keen ability to really understand what we wanted and then design with us in mind. The quality of the workmanship of her subcontractors, as well as their reliability, was outstanding, and if there were glitches (and there always are), Linda was dedicated to preventing us from fretting and quick to solve the problem. Her self-confidence and skill in decorating really took so much of the stress out of the equation, and we are left with a wonderful kitchen suited to our needs and taste.

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