Jill H.

My kitchen and bathroom remodel went very well, as I knew it would because of work I had done with Linda Rosen six years ago. The thing I like most about Linda is her ability to really help fine tune the selection of colors and fabrics. She makes it all come together, and her taste is amazing. The process was not long and drawn out like it would be if I had selected these things myself. Linda helped me avoid the angst by holding my hand throughout my kitchen and bathroom remodeling project.

Linda has awesome color selection abilities, and I trust her implicitly. My wall paint, the cabinets, the Caesarstone countertops, and the back splashes all look amazing! I can hardly wait to get the window treatment installed because Linda has the ability to see the end result, which, unfortunately, I don’t. That is exactly why I hired her. Linda helped me stay on budget and she really worked her magic again. I am so happy!

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