Gary W.

My wife and I, both busy professionals, had postponed a needed master bed and bath re-do for more than 5 years. We finally realized we needed help – we could ever carve out the time to manage the project ourselves, and we had no training or contacts about how to do it. Thankfully, we found Linda Rosen and Linda made it happen!

Linda was exactly what we needed. She listened to our wants and needs and deftly guided our planning and design process, offering various possibilities, and focusing the design based on our responses. There was plenty of room to consider some of our more “off the wall” ideas, which she always helped us to critically think through from a design perspective – something we really appreciated.

Linda kept the project moving through all phases. She wouldn’t let us get bogged down by our competing work demands. And it was about as painless as possible. Linda has a superb network of product suppliers and tradespeople. With her help, we selected all fixtures and surfaces we would use throughout the bath in about three hours. We were amazed that we could accomplish so much in so little time, but with her suppliers waiting to help us, Linda’s familiarity with the products and making suggestions, and her talent for helping my wife and I quickly resolve differences in opinions on decisions, we did it.

The project build happened like clockwork. The various tradespeople she uses are absolutely excellent. Tile, stone, flooring, cabinets, closets, rugs, window coverings, glass shower enclosures, painting, custom furniture, all are first rate – precise, neat, timely, and conscientious. We were very pleased with the whole process of the project as well as the end product – it’s simply gorgeous! We are now planning a “phase 2” project with Linda to help us update our family and living spaces!

One other special note is warranted. Linda has one of the best, most acute eyes for color selection of anyone I’ve ever run into. She sees/evaluates color combinations almost instantly, and she is correct. It’s amazing! She’ll find you the perfect color of paint that will work with whatever elements you have in the room.

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