Arisa Isayama

If you are looking for an interior designer, look no further. You will love working with Linda! My husband and I purchased a Spanish style house in Santa Monica, and it was in need of a new master bathroom and bedroom. We were overwhelmed with the process, and Nina from Nina’s Hardware recommended me to get help from Linda. Oh, we were so glad we hired her! We planned to get remodeling done during our 7 weeks vacation oversees (call us crazy!). When we hired Linda, we only had three weeks till the vacation to design and shop materials. She navigated us through this daunting process in a timely manner; took me to stores, coordinated the project with our general contractor, and assembled a team of some amazing sub-contractors. By the time we left our home for a trip, we knew we could trust her 100% and we would come back to a new, beautiful bathroom and bedroom. During our trip, she kept us updated with texts and pictures. After the seven weeks, we came back to the completely transformed bathroom and bedroom. They are better than we imagined. All the choices we made together for tiles, countertop, bath tub, and paint came together perfectly. They are updated, very much us, and beautiful.
WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. Linda not only has impeccable taste but also respects your style, budget and integrity of the house. She treats your home like she treats her own home. She is a true professional and perfectionist yet has such an upbeat, intimate approach. It is a joy to work with her. Linda will be our contact for all our future design needs. Thank you, Linda!

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