Ann and Craig

When we say that Linda Rosen went to great lengths to please us, we mean that literally and figuratively. A few years ago, she travelled from the West Coast to the East Coast to help us refresh our living room. She not only took photos and drew out the floor plan, but she also drew a mental picture from being on-site and got a first-hand feel for what was needed. While the room had good bones and old-world charm (our home was a turn-of-the-century livery stable in another life), it was tired and showing its age. This was evident from the faded pine wainscoting and fireplace awkwardly positioned in the corner of the room to the tattered twin sofas, wingback chair, and candlestick-leg seat that had seen better days.

Linda returned to Los Angeles, drafted a floor plan and sent it to us, along with the beginning of what turned out to be an endless parade of sample materials to recover family heirlooms. While Linda always got back to us promptly with more options, we took our time making choices. Her taste and style, patience and persistence, and eagerness to please finally paid off in some stunning final choices that we could never have made working on our own, or with anyone else for that matter.

We know a lot of interior designers with a good eye, but none with such a good ear as Linda. She always listened to what we had to say instead of posing her ego and preferences on us. Most of all, I think her passion for what she does shows in her work.

On another trip to our home, Linda laid out a new floor plan for our kitchen which was later implemented with the help of local tradespeople and a designer.

Even from 3,000 miles away, Linda has a way of working closely with us. Many thanks to a dear friend.

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