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Linda Rosen Interiors Featured on Houzz

On November 30th, 2022, Olin Living Room by Linda Rosen was featured on Houzz. “Accessories and small decor pieces add that extra layer of texture, color and interest to a living room, finishing it off and personalizing the space. This might include lamps, soft furnishings, plants, ornaments, vases and candles.” Check out the full postRead More

Quick Updates For Your Post-Pandemic Home

As we come out of one of the darkest periods in human history, we’re all ready for some positive changes. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait — you can make a few quick tweaks to your home now that will have a big impact on your overall outlook. From changing out the fixtures and revitalizingRead More

Getting the Restoration Hardware Look Without Breaking the Bank

The luxury retailer Restoration Hardware designs some of the most coveted furniture on the market. A seamless blend of modern and classic aesthetics, RH interiors are simultaneously sophisticated and comfortable, dazzling yet understated. “Restoration Hardware is big and bold,” comments Linda Rosen of the Los Angeles-based design firm Linda Rosen Interiors. “Deep-seated sofas, sandblasted andRead More

Covid 19 Creates an Opportunity for Home Improvements

Covid 19 has changed all of our lives. People are spending more time now than ever before in their homes – working, home schooling kids, cooking, reading, gardening, exercising, and taking on-line classes. They are finding ways to be alone, as well as to be with their families. Money that was once spent on traveling,Read More

Schnell Family Room Featured on Kravet

The Schnell Family Room was featured on Kravet’s Design Share section of their website. I love to use their products in many homes and am happy to be featured. Check out the post here and get in contact with me to find out what I can do for your home.

Linda Rosen Interiors Design Featured on Today Show

On October 27, 2015, The London Bathroom by Linda Rosen was featured on the Today show in the “Exposé Tuesday” segment about home makeovers with design expert Francesco Bilotto. Kathy Lee raved that the bathroom is “beautiful” and Hoda called the shower “amazing.” The dramatic reveal starts at 2:07!  

Spring Fling – Shake it Up!

Spring has arrived and change is in the air – it’s time for some cleaning, purging, and refreshing! Here are a few ideas to perk up your home: Call the window washer. There’s nothing better than clean screens and windows that sparkle. Donate – clothing, kitchenware, and anything else you no longer use or need. CallRead More

London Bathroom Remodel

Ali and Aaron love their 1936 Spanish home in Cathay Square, a historic area in Los Angeles. However, as much as they appreciated their lavender and black vintage bathroom for its nostalgic qualities, it didn’t have any modern conveniences. The pipes were old, the tiles were cracked and randomly patched, and the walls enclosing theRead More

West Los Angeles Colorful Home Remodel

Our home environment says a lot about our lives, and the character of a room depends on how its basic elements are shaped – walls, windows, architectural features, floors and ceilings. [image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right” alt=”Colorful Living Room in West Los Angeles Home” title=”Colorful Living Room in West Los Angeles Home” height=”354″ width=”283″][/image_frame] Whether the walls are quietlyRead More


Necessity, practicality, and aesthetics dictate what material to use on floors and the marketplace offers endless choices. Hardwood provides some incomparable qualities. It’s natural, attractive, warm and easy to maintain, giving any home’s décor a rich and distinctive feel, while increasing resale value. Hardwood flooring helps create a healthy home environment by eliminating the allergens associated with dust-trapping carpet.Read More